Eureka Math - Collage

It’s hard to sum this one up in a blurb, this is one of the biggest challenges I’ve taken on as a Director, and it’s execution represents the single biggest accomplishment of my career.


Production Studio coefficient

Director/Post Production Supervisor Wes Kennison

Project Scope

We made 40 of these for Eureka Math’s latest curriculum, Eureka Math2. These videos are designed to accompany word problems. Instead of reading the word problem to start, the teacher plays the video and then asks questions of the class about what they saw. These “context animations” are a brilliant teacher tool that empowers teachers to engage more deeply with the students, by giving them a unique conversation starter, that ALSO imparts a shared visual context for the math being taught. 

Everything that I hold dear in my craft came together in one project. Highly stylized, beautifully shot, wonderfully animated, with light touches of ambiguity and intrigue built in to the stories throughout. These were shot in studio over the course of 7 months, in the middle of the pandemic, and produced with both local and international talent. Our art direction for these was slightly surreal, vibrant in it’s color palette, and intently focused on negative space in each composition so the math being highlighted in the animations could be the primary focus. 

As a result of doing this work, I have some pretty tight chops for collage work, and am interested in doing more with this unique flavor of collage styling. 

Project Photos

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