I’m Wes Kennison and I Write, Direct and Edit video content for businesses.

I’ve been many things to many clients over the years. If it involves video, I’ve done it. My focus these days is design driven animation, for clients big and small.
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Version 47

Creative Director and Co-Founder of version47

We’re focused on making beautiful video content for advertising and content marketing agencies, with a custom video automation twist at the end.


Creative Director and Co-Founder of coefficient

We work with curriculum writing teams to produce video content for the K-12 classroom, in a systematic and unique way.

Commercial Arts

Founder at Commercial Arts

We’re building a Commercial Arts curriculum for High Schoolers. I’m donating what I’ve learned over the last decade+ to the next generation of artists for hire.

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Wes Kennison

Wes Kennison

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Wes Kennison

Wes Kennison

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