River Road Coffees

A funny 60s campaign spot.


Agency Design the Planet

Production/Post Launch Media

Concept/Creative Wes Kennison

Director Wes Kennison

Producer Deirdre Peterson

Camera Ops Eric Hutchison, Abe Felix, Wes Kennison

Editor Wes Kennison

Colorist Abe Felix

Motion Design/VFX Ryan Golden

River Road Coffees is a coffee service company that just so happens to sell coffee in grocery stores. So the challenge was to produce a piece that would make viewers think about coffee service, without talking about it like you would a commodity one buys in the store.

We decided that capturing this quirky-ish look at unique angles of the “coffee experience” at work and in restaurants was the best way to accomplish this. We wanted viewers to also crave a delicious cup of coffee, AND understand that River Road Coffees is ready to come to them to prove how good their coffee is.

Shot in studio and on location, we used real River Road Coffees employees as talent, and they absolutely crushed the performances.

Project Photos

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